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Tony’s Premium Strawberry Chocolate

Tony’s Premium Strawberry Chocolate

Tony’s Premium Strawberry Chocolate (Freeze Dried Whole Strawberry in Dark, Matcha, White Chocolate)

Chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries! Super yummy!

(IMPORTANT: due to the hot weather, the chocolates may melt, you may refrigerate for them to regain their shape. once it came from the refrigerator, leave at room temperature for at least 15 minutes, for it to soften a bit, to enjoy best experience.)

Fall Outfit Ideas 2023

Elastane trim Pullover styling Belted waist Patch pockets Back slit detail Midi silhouette.
Daily Practice by Anthropologie Belted Jersey Midi Dress

What to Wear for Autumn

Monki Knit Cardigan In Yellow | FYG Essential Oil Gift Set | Loft Dotted Ruffle Crew Socks | Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer | KILY.PH Basic Cardigan Blazer Waffle Knitted Tops Lettuce Longsleeve Button Up Crop

Affordable Food Lovers and Services

Goya Boutique Resort Cooking Class Experience in Ubud | Bo’s Coffee | Azure Beach Club at Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay

Summer Meals, Snack and Travel on a Budget

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Fitbar Cereal Ba

Fitbar Cereal Bar Fruit Multipack (5 x 22g)
Life can be busy and there might be little time to find the practical yet healthy refreshments. Fitbar is on-the-go refreshments for you, busy people with busy daily activities, which are easy to get, easy to bring and easy to consume.

 Travel on a Budget | Shopee’s 5.5 Sale

Authentic Marutai / Itsuki Japanese Ramen/ VEGAN Marutai Ramen (2 servings per pack)– I love ramen! We recommend adding various toppings such as sliced pork, boiled egg, green onions, sesame seeds and pickled ginger.

Nissin Pasta Express Creamy Carbonara 60g – Satisfy your pasta cravings with Nissin Pasta Express! In just 4 minutes you can have delicious tasting Creamy Carbonara topped with a generous amount of meat-like bits. It also provides an enjoyable authentic spaghetti eating experience thanks to Nissin Japan’s straight noodle technology.

Jaf Tea Green Tea Jasmine 20 Bags – Relaxing isolated moments call for a relaxing cup of Jaf Tea Green Tea Jasmine, perfect to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests, regardless of the occasion – makes tea moments a special and immersive experience.

Quaker Instant Oats Fruit & Nuts 350g – Try this fruity and nutty breakfast- with real raisins, apples and pecans! Quaker flavored oats is a sure way to deliciously start your day!