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MINISO Travel Kit for Travel Bottle for Toiletrie
The travel kit includes a set of travel bottles in various sizes, allowing you to carry your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and other liquids in compliance with airport regulations. The bottles are made of high-quality, leak-proof material, providing a secure and mess-free storage solution for your toiletries. The kit also includes a clear, zippered bag that is TSA-approved, making it easier for you to pass through airport security checks.

The compact size of the travel bottles and the transparent bag makes it effortless to fit into your carry-on luggage or suitcase. The bottles come with convenient flip-top caps and easy-to-use squeeze mechanisms, ensuring quick and efficient dispensing of your liquids. The clear bag allows for easy identification of your toiletries, saving you time and frustration during your travels.

MINISO Sparkling Star Series Makeup Sponge
The MINISO Sparkling Star Series Makeup Sponge is a must-have beauty tool for makeup enthusiasts who want flawless and professional-looking makeup application. This makeup sponge is part of the Sparkling Star Series by MINISO, which is known for its high-quality beauty products.

The MINISO Sparkling Star Series Makeup Sponge is made from premium latex-free material that is soft, bouncy, and durable. Its unique shape, with multiple edges and angles, allows for seamless blending and application of liquid, cream, and powder makeup products, ensuring a streak-free and airbrushed finish.

Double Layer Travel Organizer Portable Cable Storage Pouch Gadget Bag Waterproof COD

1.DOUBLE SIDED STORAGE- The electronic accessories organizer has large capacity to hold various items like cables, flash disk, USB drive, Power bank, Headphone, etc. Also it can be used as Travel Case, Cosmetic Bag, Baby Health Care or Grooming Kit.

2.DURABLE MATERIAL- Well padded semi flexible covers offer excellent protection for your electronic accessories. Wear-resistant, easy to clean for long term usage.

3.PORTABLE & EASY TO USE- Double zipper design, easy opening and immediate access. A hand strap for you to carry it anywhere with cables, charges in place to ensure you a tidy life. Perfect size easily fits into your briefcase, luggage, backpack.

4.PROTECTION FUNCTION- Spacers, lats and meshes secure the electronics to prevent collisions and protect your belongings.

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