Japanese Patterns Vector Handdrawn

Japanese Patterns Vector Handdrawn

Japanese Patterns Vector Handdrawn

A beautiful collection of 25 Japanese Seamless Vector Patterns.

They are all hand drawn patterns, inspired by the philosophy of Wabi – Sabi design embracing the beauty of an imperfect or asymmetrical design. I loved learning about the Japanese patterns used to express ideals, concepts or even life beliefs and most of all I enjoyed working on this unique set of patterns!

They are fully editable (through Adobe Illustrator), and you can also work with them in Adobe Photoshop through the .psd pattern tiles included. I have also included high resolution .jpgs of the pattern tiles that can be used in any image editing software!

Use them as backgrounds for branding projects, fabrics, packaging, fashion apparel, posters, wrapping paper, printables or just try them as web backgrounds with great results!

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