TOMO Bottle Winter Clearance Sale 50% Off On Gifts

TOMO Bottle Winter Clearance Sale 50% Off On Gifts

Rose Gold 750ML/25oz

We bet you didn’t know it was possible to sweep yourself off of your feet. Rose Gold will get you excited about all things self-care. Take yourself on dates, paint your nails, and buy yourself something nice. Hand-embellished with 4,000+ crystals, this stainless steel water bottle will give you all the tools you need to get excited about staying hydrated.

TOMO Bottle Winter Clearance Sale.
Hurry up & shop for Christmas with 50% off on stunning gifts!

Gold 75 750ml/25oz
Bask in the radiant light of two-tone golden crystals, hand-embellished on the highest-grade stainless steel. One moment they flash a beautiful golden hue, the next you see dazzling silver sparkles  
Violet Divine 750ML/25oz
Inspired by amethyst crystals, Violet Divine TOMO channels the inner royal that lives within you, and celebrates it in all its glory! The color violet has been a symbol for beauty, intuition, and power since ancient times, and it’s here to tell you that you can make all your dreams come true. Just follow your secret violet energy, and watch the magic unfold.
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