Beauty Payday Sale Dec 15

Beauty Payday Sale Dec 15

O.TWO.O Matte Lipstick Misty Kiss Lock Color Silky 24H Long Lasting Lip Makeup

This is a breakthrough transfer-proof matte lipstick. Raw chocolate matte texture, a touch of cream to powder, it can glide extremely smoothly on the lips, the color can cover the lips evenly.After forming a film, it presents a matte makeup effect, which can last for a whole day. It does not stick to the glass when drinking water, does not fade, and brings all-day comfort without dryness and tightness.

O.TWO.O Makeup Blush Stick Hydrating Gloss Lip & Cheek 6 Colors Beauty Cosmetics

Nourishing and protecting lips as lip film and highlighting color as lip glaze with glossy and watery appearance. It can be used for both lips and cheeks, making the lips plump, elastic and tender, highlighting the cheeks by naturally melting into the foundation to revealing the better complexion.

This is a lip and cheek lip gloss that can be used to plump up the lips or as a blush to brighten the complexion. After the cream is activated, it is soft and easy to apply, adding vitamin E, moisturizing, moisturizing, water-light makeup effect, solving the problem of sticking lip lines and drying out; the upper face is highly suitable for the base makeup, does not stick to the base makeup, does not show pores, highly pigmented, enhances Makeup look.

2 In 1 Liptint Set Double Head Matte Glossy Lipstick Waterproof Velvet Lip Makeup Rouge Lip Gloss
Double Head Matte lipstick Liquid set waterproof silk velvet long lasting rouge red lip stick 24 hour nude gradient matt korean makeup.

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