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With whimsical illustrations and striking quotes, Brave New Girl encourages girls and women to seize the day, be kind to themselves, and break down any imaginary barriers holding them hostage. Learn how to find happiness in finding your best self.

Insightful and timeless, this charming and confident gift book shows women and girls that anything is possible, and to move past fear and into courage. When you feel anxious, fearful, frustrated, or sad, just open to a random page and see what message this inspirational book has for you.

Each page of Lou Hamilton’s Brave New Girl is an invitation to pause, reflect, and rise happily upwards. Carry the book with you, share it with friends and loved ones; enjoy its simple truths and wisdom. Then go out and be that Brave New Girl.

Brave New Girl
How to Be Fearless
by Lou Hamilton

Reach Your Goal Sale. What’s the secret to success? Simple Secrets. 7 Principles to Inspire Success.

Top Simple Truths goal-setting and success books are on sale through 3/31/20.

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