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How To Create a Divi and Flywheel WordPress Website For Beginners

Divi and Flywheel are the main tools that have allowed me to build a successful business around what I love to do, without compromising on those aspects that are out of my expertise. They both help me do my best work by optimizing my process and allowing me to provide premium services to my clients.” Maribel Aburto for Creativa.


  • Find a hobby or your passion you love. Get a domain name and WordPress hosting platform, Flywheel.
  • Sign up, download, and install WordPress.
  • The most popular WordPress theme in the world and the ultimate WordPress page builder – Divi Theme Activate a new theme. Personal, celebrity, web theme, home-style, fashion, and another blog.

Divi WordPress Theme

Get inspired, what to, and what not to. Earn a little extra cash while doing something that you love. Build. Launch. Manage WordPress web hosting.


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