Winter Getaways For Families

Winter Getaways For Families

Fairbanks: 1-Hour Alaskan Winter Dog Sledding Adventure
Thrill to the power of Alaskan huskies as a team of happy hounds pull you through a winter landscape in Fairbanks. Pose for pictures in the snowy scenery and then warm up in a cozy yurt at the end.

Winter getaways for families can be a great way to bond, have fun, and enjoy the season together. Here are some ideas for winter family vacations:

What To Wear Outfit:

Ski Resorts: Head to a family-friendly ski resort for a mix of winter sports and cozy lodge activities. Resorts often have ski schools for beginners and childcare options for younger kids.

Snowy Cabin Retreat: Rent a cabin in a snowy destination. Enjoy activities like building snowmen, sledding, and cozying up by the fireplace. Look for cabins with nearby winter attractions.

Stockholm: Winter Kayaking, Swedish Fika, and Hot Sauna

Explore the winter side of the Stockholm Archipelago by kayak. Enjoy amazing nature only 30 minutes away from the Stockholm city center.

Winter Beach Vacation: Escape the cold by heading to a warmer destination with a winter beach vacation. Consider family-friendly resorts with activities for kids and adults.

Christmas Markets Tour: Visit European cities known for their charming Christmas markets. Explore festive stalls, enjoy holiday treats, and experience the magic of winter in a different cultural setting.

Northern Lights Adventure: Plan a trip to a location where you can see the Northern Lights. This can be a magical and awe-inspiring experience for the whole family.

From Tromsø: Aurora Crystal Lavvo Overnight Experience
Spend the day outdoors skiing and snowshoeing, then enjoy sleeping in a warm and cozy crystal lavvo with spectacular views of the night sky with the chance of witnessing the Northern lights dancing.

National Park Exploration: Many national parks are beautiful in the winter. Consider parks with winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or ranger-led programs.

Ice Skating Getaway: Choose a destination with outdoor ice skating rinks. Some cities set up large rinks during the winter months, offering a festive atmosphere.

Squamish: Sea to Sky Gondola Admission Ticket
Take a gondola 885 meters above Howe Sound and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the observation deck and viewing platforms. At the summit you can enjoy walking and hiking trails for all abilities.

Cultural City Trip: Visit a city with winter charm and cultural activities. Museums, theaters, and festive events can provide a mix of indoor and outdoor experiences.

Winter Carnival or Festival: Attend a winter carnival or festival, which often includes parades, outdoor activities, and festive events for families.

Remember to consider the preferences and ages of your family members when planning the getaway. Whether you prefer an active outdoor adventure or a cozy indoor retreat, there are plenty of options for a memorable winter vacation with your loved ones.

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