Singles’ Day Sale 2023

Singles’ Day Sale 2023

INTL: Singles’ Day – Up to 55% OFF* shape tape™, lip, mascaras & more.
Valid 11/9 12AM EST – 11/12 3AM EST

Self Love Beauty:

Certainly! Singles’ Day, celebrated on November 11th, originated in China as a day for people who are not in a romantic relationship to celebrate themselves. It has also become a major shopping holiday, similar to Black Friday. Here’s an idea to make Singles’ Day special:

Self-Love and Wellness Packages:
Create special self-love and wellness packages that individuals can treat themselves with on Singles’ Day. This could include a combination of products and services that promote self-care and personal well-being.

Travel Guide:

Coron: Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoon Boat Tour
Discover striking sites such as Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Skeleton Shipwreck on a scenic boat trip departing from Coron. Enjoy a traditional BBQ lunch and swim in crystal clear waters.

Some ideas for the packages could be:

Rotorua Lake: Deluxe Lake Spa Geothermal Hot Spring Bathing
Disconnect from the world with five mineral hot pools overlooking Lake Rotorua. Embrace the surrounding New Zealand flora and nature while unwinding in the therapeutic waters. Try out the cold plunge pool and lounge on the geothermal recliners.

Spa at Home Package:
– A set of luxurious bath salts or bath bombs.
– Scented candles or P&J Fragrance Oil Autumn Set | Brown Sugar, Apple, Harvest Spice, Vanilla, Forest Pine, and Snickerdoodle Scents for Candle Making, Freshie Scents, Soap Making Supplies, Diffuser Oil Scents , essential oils.
– Soft, comfortable bathrobe or towel.
– A playlist of relaxing music.

Fitness and Health Package:
– A fitness tracker or wellness app subscription.
– Nutritious snacks or a healthy meal kit.
Copper Bottle for Home, Office, Hotel and Gifting, reusable water bottle.
– Online workout class subscriptions.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Package:
– Guided meditation or mindfulness app subscription.
– A cozy blanket or meditation cushion.
Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal, Original Daily Gratitude Journal 2023, Reflection & Manifestation Journal for Mindfulness for self-reflection.
– Herbal teas or relaxation-inducing scents.

Hobbies and Creativity Package:
– Art supplies, such as 9 x 12 inches Sketch Book, Top Spiral Bound Sketch Pad, 1 Pack 100-Sheets (68lb/100gsm), Acid Free Art Sketchbook Artistic Drawing Painting Writing Paper for Kids Adults Beginners Artists , sketchbooks, paints, design template, or coloring books.
– A The Art of Positive Thinking: Eliminate Negative Thinking I Emotional Intelligence I Stop Overthinking: A Self Help Book to Developing Mindfulness and Overcoming Negative Thoughts or a subscription to an e-book service.
– DIY craft kits or hobby-related accessories.

Promote these packages leading up to Singles’ Day, emphasizing the idea of treating oneself and celebrating self-love. Consider offering discounts or special promotions for those who purchase these packages on November 11th. Additionally, you can create a social media campaign encouraging people to share their self-love moments or treat purchases using a dedicated hashtag. This not only promotes your products but also engages your audience in the spirit of the day.

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