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PasigPass Registration Guide

The City of Pasig has implemented a new rule:

  • Anyone to enter public establishments such as malls, office buildings, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, etc, even public transportation.
  • Apply for one, just visit the link below, fill up the application and download the unique PasigPass QR Code with your information.
  • You may save on your mobile or print out, such that all you need to do when entering premises that require contact tracing is to show and have your QR Code scanned.
  • NO PASIGPASS, NO ENTRY POLICY in some establishments.
  • Need to be 18yo to apply for a PasigPass.
  • Apply for a PasigPass here: https://pasigpass.pasigcity.gov.ph

Pasig City
Mayor Vico Sotto

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