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Things To Do in Boracay

Posted in Sightseeing Trips

Nightlife, relax, spa, read a book, getaway, vacation and beautiful white sand beach.

Travel to Boracay:
Booking Expedia  IHG

Things to do: 

  • First, visit Boracay’s D’Mall, D’Talipapa and CityMall.
  • Island Hopping Rates – Visit different islands surrounding Boracay. Starts at Php600-Php2,000.
  • Parasailing (starts at P2000 pesos) / Good for 2 people.
  • Banana Boating (starts at P250 pesos)
  • Flyfishing (starts at P400 pesos)
  • Helmet Diving Price (starts at P600 pesos)
  • Snorkelingstarts (starts at P250/person
  • Stand Up Paddling (starts at P300 pesos)
  • Jet skiing  15 minutes of fun for P1500
  • ATV riding Stay away from the beach for a moment | Starts at P500.
  •  Scuba Diving  | Starts at P1500 with lessons and gears.
  • Reverse Bungee (GMAX) – Extreme adventure ride which is the latest craze in Asia and can only be found in Singapore and Boracay. Price is P4500 with video good for 3.
  • Food Tripping  –  Best mango milk shake in the whole island!
  • Get a BraidsSpa/Massage and  Henna Tattoo – Relax and get a massage. Try a different hairstyle for only P150.  Get a henna tattoo. Price varies on the size and design of the tattoo.

What to Wear in Boracay:

Dress: Oil Paint Floral Kimono Dress
Bag: Muun Cotton Trimmed Straw Bag
Sandals: Havaianas Allure Maxi Sandals

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